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New product to the store - more designs to come!


This single ear holder is inspired by the seashell necklace that Ursula wears in The Little Mermaid, sewn in mostly matte vinyl, though the shell itself is glitter vinyl. The single ear holders have variable poppers, meaning you can fasten in two different ways (see picture). This allows for holding smaller, narrow items (such as headbands), or ears with large/stuffed bows, sunglasses etc. Single ear holders are designs to fasten to bags etc via a keyring and clips, meaning you can attach and unattach them easily as well. This single ear holder measures approximately 21cm at the longest point (not including metal fastenings) and 9cm at the widest point.
Metal keyring hoop, lobster clips and poppers may vary in colour.

Ursula seashell inspired single ear holder

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