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Pin Flags are made from 100% cotton to ensure a good weight and quality. They are available in various colours and with a variety of designs. Embroidery is done before the flag is sewn together with means the design shows on the front but the back is plain.


There are so many options when it comes to pin flags and I don't have time to make each and every one. This custom listing can be used to order designs I have already made for t-shirts, but also for designs I have agreed to make for you. However please do make sure you have spoken with me about your design before purchasing a new design.

Flags/banners measure: approx 25cm along the top and 35cm down from top to point. All flags are supplied with dowel rods measuring 30cm and string is attached so you can hang your flag.

All items are handmade and as such will occasionally be different from the pictures. This is due to photography lighting, fabric differences and of course each item being uniquely handmade.

Custom Design - Pin Display Flag