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Ear and Bow Holders with various designs - Cast Member Badge inspired

Pictured: DLP sewn in glitter vinyl and DLC sewn in matte vinyl.

All other designs (Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney Store) are also available, but pictures on t-shirts/pin flags represent these designs until the time when I've made samples of these designs specifically.

Unlike the designs on t-shirts and pinflags, these items come with "Disney" font for the personalised name, unless otherwise requested.


Please choose from the following options:

50cm bow holder (long straight strip)

75cm bow holder (long straight strip)

1 metre bow holder (long straight strip)

5 ear holder (5 straps on approximately 50 cm strip)

10 ear holder (10 straps on approximately 1 metre strip)

50:50 5 ear holder and 50 cm bow holder (choose which goes top and bottom on long strip)


The design is set but you can choose whether you would like glitter vinyl or matte vinyl. Please be aware that colours are more limited in glitter vinyl so I may need to contact you if I can't get any colours you pick.


You can also choose the colour of the long nylon webbing strip. Bow holders are just one long length of nylon, wheres as Ear holders (or mixed Bow/Ear holders) are one long length of nylon with multiple shorter lengths sewn on to make straps and open/closed with metal poppers.


Back is plain leather or felt. All ear/bow holders are hung with ribbon. Colour will be picked at random to coordinate unless you have a specific you'd like (use the extra information box). Scroll through the pictures for visuals of some of this information.

Cast Member Badge inspired Ear/Bow holder

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