New Product - Sleep Mask/Eye Mask


This new product is in the store for a trial run. It's available in small, medium or large.  Small is suitable for children, while medium and large are better suited to adult. Straps are elasticated and therefore fit various head sizes.


Written in the Stars. The design on these masks are constellations. There are 13 designs in total and they are available with or without the writing on them. Masks come in velvet or satin, currently in 3-4 colours. Design can be sewn in any colour thread.


Small - approx 16cm x 7cm (widest part)

Medium - 18cm x 8cm (widest part)

Large - 20 cm x 9cm (widest part)

All sizes are approximate, items are hand sewn and may vary slightly.

Written in the Stars - Eye Mask