To simplify the site, all designs are now listed in just adult unisex crew style. However all designs are still available on all the different styles and colours and sizes that they were previously. With this new way to order, you will also be able to see more easily, which colours are available in which styles. Please use the options below to choose what size and colour t-shirt you want to order and use the "design description" box to explain which design you would like (either its title on the site, or a description that will make it clear which design). You can also add in the description, any thread colour changes that may be relevant, or you can use the notes at checkout section instead.


The colours listed are the only ones available from the particular brand I choose to use. However if you are wanting a colour that isn't available, then please just message me as there are other brands that may have other colours available in a similar style to this one. 

Put it on a... baby/toddler polo t-shirt

  • Larkwood Baby/Toddler Polo Shirt this is a unisex piece of clothing that is very soft next to the skin. It is made from 100% cotton, It is has a 3 button placket, self coloured buttons, taped neck, hemmed sleeves. This is the perfect piece of clothing for nurseries and pre schools.   

    • 3-button placket
    • Flat-knit collar
    • Dyed-to-match buttons

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