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This is part of the Hundred Acre Wood Collection and features Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Pooh in a line across the top. When ordering from this listing, your t-shirt style will be unisex crew. Due to the price difference, you should not order this on a "Put it on a...." listing even if you are wanting another style. Instead, if you would prefer this on fitted crew, v-neck etc. please order from this listing in the correct size and colour, but add a note at checkout with which t-shirt style you would like. If you would like to order on a sweatshirt or hoodie, just order as normal, no extra charge.


At checkout, there is a "notes" section where you can add any other information about your order, so that there's no confusion about what you're ordering. However if in doubt, I will get in contact with you.


The colours listed are the only ones available from the particular brand I choose to use. However if you are wanting a colour that isn't available, then please just message me as there are other brands that may have other colours available in a similar style to this one. 


To Fit (inches) - 

S 34”-36”

M 38”-40”

L 42”-44”

XL 46”-48”

2XL 50”-52”


If you are looking for larger sizes, they are available in certain colours. Larger sizes are 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. More of a range is available in 3XL with more limited options in 4XL and 5XL. Please message to check.


3XL 54”-56” 

4XL 58”-60” 

5XL 62”-64”


As women often like to wear unisex styles, there is a conversion chart in the images. It is only meant as a rough guide and you should try to take proper measurements where possible.

Four in a Row - Hundred Acre Wood Collection